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for Players and Goalies

25-28 March 2016 (Easter)

Location: Füssen, Bavaria, Germany

for Goalies & Players

31 July-3 August 2016

Location: Füssen, Bavaria, Germany

for Player & Goalies

by arrangement only

for Goalies

by arrangement only

for Players and Goalies

july-august 2016

Location: Banff & Vancouver, Canada

for Goalies only

july - august 2016

Location: Vancouver, Canada

for Goalies only

private training 2016/2017

Location: Clevelend & other locations in the USA

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Exclusive Summer Player-Goalie Skills Camp

FOR  Players & Goalies
DATE 31 July-3 August 2016
LOCATION Füssen, Bavaria, Germany
Modern concept from Canada for building your hockey IQ!


4 day program includes:


  • ​11 h on ice time instruction

  • Mental game/motivation seminars

  • Technical game/video analysis

  • Hockey specific dryland training

  • Snacks, lunch & dinner



The 4 day trainings camp is for goalies and players. It is very technical camp wich combines both positions in a way that is complimentary to each other.


We train our students newest techniques being played in today's hockey game, while being in a highly motivated atmosphere.The foundation of a good skating technique, good positional play, rebound control and a keen understanding of different game situations is the main focus at the camp.


The exercises and the clasroom theory is designed to improve your skills on the ice and build your confidence so you will have a hot season.


Goalies: We train the modern Canadian system, which places great emphasis on technique rather than on speed and then builds upon that to help you get faster while being technically sound. It is important for a goalie who wants to dominate to be both technically sound and fast, not just fast. Our training system is very simple and can be easily installed in beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional goalies.


Players: Our player coach will focus on individual skills that is often neglected in a team practice. For individual skills we focus on stick handling and puck control in tight areas. We will be working on skating technique to make you more effective and faster skater. In the stations with the goalie we will show you where to shoot and how to beat the goalie.  


We only take a certain number of players that the player is in constant motion and that there is no standing around waiting for your turn.


​Please note: 

For quality reasons the number of participants for this program is limited to 18 goalies and 20 players. 



BLZ Bundesleistungszentrum
Am Eisstadion 1
87629 Füssen





395 Euro (included 19 % taxes)



Goalies: ADVANCED 2000-2003

              INTERMEDIATE 2004-2006

              BEGINNERS 2007-2008


Players: ADVANCED 1999-2001

             INTERMEDIATE 2002-2006




German & English



Please fill out our online registration form below:

  Online-Registration form  



*CLASSROOM THEORY                


We will discuss game situations, specific preparation before the game and healthy diet for better performance. Our main focus in our seminars is a mental game. We've prepared Power Point presentations with modern hockey themes, latest news and videos from the hockey world. 





If you are interested in this program  and have some questions  please contact us:



Knowledgeable, Experienced, Passionate, 

Inspiring Coaches from around the world

Beautiful & inspiring location

Learning modern goaltending technics

Valuable Presentations about mental aspects of goaltenders game

,,...if you want to catch the puck, you have to be geometrist, gymnast & magician'' 

Banff Hockey Academy President 

Billy Doherty

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