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for Players and Goalies

25-28 March 2016 (Easter)

Location: Füssen, Bavaria, Germany

for Goalies & Players

31 July-3 August 2016

Location: Füssen, Bavaria, Germany

for Player & Goalies

by arrangement only

for Goalies

by arrangement only

for Players and Goalies


Location: Banff & Vancouver, Canada

for Goalies only

july - august 2016

Location: Vancouver, Canada

for Goalies only

private training 2016/2017

Location: Clevelend & other locations in the USA

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Private training worldwide

On ice training ✪ Athletic training ✪ Mental Game/Motivation ✪ Athletes Lifestyle ✪ Technical Game/Video Analysis 

Do you have any try-outs coming up? Special event? Important competition?

You want to give your best? Or having problems with your game and don't know what you should do. 

Our PRIVATE PROGRAM will support you. Our full attention is totally focused only on YOU and YOUR NEEDS.


Here is how the process goes:


Contact us:

If you're interested in private lessons, write us an email at .



Before the training we will conduct an interview with you by phone or email. It is important for us to know what goals you would like to achieve with our training.



After the interview, we will provide a customized training plan of the components that we have discussed with you.


***Your training will be recorded and analyzed by our PROFESSIONAL trainers.



COST depends on following:


Components, location, time of season and ice availability.

Please note: Cost of private workouts can shared with a partner.


Agreement of the appointment.

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