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For Goalies only
Date:  2-3 January 2019 
Location:  in Adendorf, Germany


The 2 day trainings camp is intensive technical program for the goalies. 

The program includes:


  • ​5 h on ice time instruction

  • 2x Mental game/motivation seminars

  • 2x Goalie specific athletic training

  • Goalie Game handbook (per Email )

  • 2x Lunch & snack​ 

We train our students newest techniques being played in today's hockey game, while being in a highly motivated atmosphere. 

CGGC goalie training system is very simple and can be easily instilled in beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional goalies. We places great emphasis on technique rather than on speed and then builds upon that to help you get faster while being technically sound. It is important for a goalie who wants to dominate to be both technically sound and fast, not just fast. The foundation of a good skating technique, good positional play, rebound control and a keen understanding of different game situations is the main focus at the camp.

*CLASSROOM THEORY                

The exercises and the clasroom theory is designed to improve your skills on the ice and build your confidence so you will have a hot season. We will discuss game situations, specific preparation before the game and healthy diet for better performance. Our main focus in our seminars is a mental game. We've prepared Power Point presentations with modern hockey themes, latest news and videos from the hockey world. 


**We improved the way we approach the camp. As soon as the payment is received, you will receive an email, with all the necessary information about the program. This allows us to focus more on working with the athletes and create a more effective training during the camp.


Jan Philip Fiege



Walter-Maack Eisstadion

Scharnebecker Weg 21,

21365 Adendorf, Germany



245 Euro (incl.19% taxes) without overnight stay



The training is for all age groups and skill levels.



German & English


Please fill out our online registration form below:

​Please note: 

For quality reasons the number of participants is limited.


If you are interested in the camp and have some questions, please write us a message:


Danke! Die Nachricht wurde gesendet.

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