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Welcome to CGGC!

'' We share passion, experience, friendship, inspiration & creativity. We share what we do best. We live ICE HOCKEY! ''


☆ Top coaches

☆ The modern ice hockey program

☆ Familiar atmosphere

☆ Tricks

☆ Hockey specific athletics training

Mental Game

☆ PowerPoint seminars

Video analysis

Sport lifestyle   

☆ Inspirational places

  About CGGC founders  

We are an ice hockey family, Varian Kirst and Jurga Balilionyte. Canadian Global Goaltending Camps is organized and managed by us. Varian is responsible for the program on the ice and trainer team and for Administration Jurga.

We started camps in 2007 in Peiting.

At CGGC, our goal is to teach the latest techniques used in today's ice hockey. The entire training should be highly motivated, but in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere.

  Our partners  

  • Banff Hockey Academy in Banff, CANADA

  • Veitgoaltending in Vancouver, CANADA

  • All-Pro goalies in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

  • GOALIE MINDSET GYM in Vancouver, Canada


JURGA BALILIONYTE (born Panevezys, Lithuania)

- big ice hockey and sports fan;

- completed sports science and sports management studies at the Sport University of Lithuania;

- 8 years of boxing training in the '' Olimpietis "sports club.


VARIAN KIRST (born Montreal, Canada)

Experience as a goalie

At the age of 6, the Canadian-born started playing ice hockey. Up to the age of 21 he played in his home country Canada, where he won several championship titles at the junior level. After his junior career, he played 13 years as an ice hockey professional in Germany. Here for the EISBÄREN Berlin (DEL), Augsburger Panther (DEL), 5 years in the 2nd Bundesliga, and the Oberliga. In 2009 he celebrated a championship with the Schweinfurt Mighty Dogs. In 2014, at the age of 37, he won the "Best Goalie" award in the Bayern League. In 2015 he won the championship in the Bavarian League with the Lindau Islanders. Varian completed his last assignment as an emergency goalie at HSV in Hamburg in 2016.


Experience as a trainer

- DEB goalkeeper coach license

- DEB C license


Varian originally started training other goalkeepers at the age of 18, under his role model, mentor and NHL goalkeeper coach Ron Veit, to enable his own ice hockey training. This passion for the game continues to this day.


Over the past 25 years, Varian has coached goalkeepers from professional, junior to Bambi leagues from Canada, USA, Germany, Japan, Slovakia, Switzerland, Norway and many more. He has been the goalkeeper coach of the Banff Hockey Academy in Japan and Canada since the summer 2009. 2012-2015 Varian trained goalkeepers in Lindau on Lake Constance. In 2014 & 2015 Varian worked with the Japanese national team in Füssen. Since 2015/16 he worked for the Hamburg Freezers as a goalie coach in the DEL. He also worked as a co-trainer for the Schüllerbundesliga and the DNL team HSV Young Freezers. Season 2016-2017, he was a co-coach, goalie coach and athletics assistant at Fishtown Penguins (DEL). Varian is now working at Vienna Capitals as a team manager, as a video, and as a goalie coach.


Varian has worked with coaches such as Thomas Popisch (Bremerhaven Penguins), Serge Aubin (Eisbären Berlin), and Dave Cameron (Calgary Flames, NHL) for the past five years.

Varian also brings experience from many training sessions with the experienced and world-famous former-NHL goalie Damian Rhodes, Banff Hockey Academy head coach Bill Doherty, NHL legend Garry,, Iron Man '' Unger, mental trainer Richard Monette from Innerwarrior Consulting, Pete Fry, GOALIE MINDSET GUY, Dusan Beniky, founder of Human Performance, and others with.


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