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in Vienna, Austria

Canadian Global Goaltending Camps presents Goalie Coaches UNITED!



Prepare and live every day to be the best you can be.

CGGC 4-day training for

Profi/High Performance & Advanced programs include:

  • 10 hours technical goalie training on the ice

  • Top shooters from Vienna Capitals club

  • Warm-up/cool down

  • 4x Athletic off ice training for goalies

  • 8x Seminars: mental game, technical seminar, peak performance, motor of motivation, stress management, nutrition for athletes

  • Video analysis

  • Goalie Game Handbook 

  • 4x healthy lunch and snacks

  • CGGC jersey


This is by far our biggest and most exclusive goalie camp we offer. We bring in the top coaches from around the world who have the experience from NHL and top European leagues. Basically the best in the business. Leading the way will be Ron Veit "NHL Goalie coach", Former NHL Goalie Damian Rhodes and CGGC Head Coach Varian Kirst. Our supporting coaches are either current professional goalies or ex-professional goalies. These coaches will do their best to bring your game to the next level and will inspire you to be the best goalie you can be all the while making it fun and enjoyable.


At this camp you will learn how to become more professional whether you are just a beginner or are playing at a professional level, we will show the secrets that today's goalie needs to know to be their best. 


"It is important for us to show you the newest styles being played in the ever changing position of goaltending all the while being in a highly motivated learning atmosphere." CGGC Team


Our Pro coaches will work on your technical game not only on the ice but off the ice in the seminar room. Using Video analyzing so you can see your technical game and crease management skills and correct them in the classroom to make you more effective goalie. You will also learn tips on stress management. It is a very important component that comes along with being a professional goaltender.

Profi/High Performance Goalie Camp

This program is for goalies who are either playing at the professional level or goalies from 14 years old who would like to make the next step to the professional level.


Some of the program co-insides with the Exclusive Easter Camp you will be shown video analysis and be taught the little tricks to achieving a long and prosperous career. 





English & German



Profi/High Performance Camp

For ages from 14 years old to Junior and Pro

Advanced Goalie Camp

For all ages 


Profi/High Performance Camp

675 Euro(included.19%) without overnight stay

Advanced Camp

575 Euro(included.19%) without overnight stay


near the hockey rink​

Arcohotel Donau Zentrum

Lenas Donau Hotel

Ibis budget Wien Messe



Please fill out our registration form online:



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High Performance Goalie Camp
& Advanced Camp
With EBEL Goalie Coach Varian Kirst, NHL Goalie Coach Ron Veit, Former NHL Goalie und Goalie Coach Damian Rhodes and others
Date: 19 - 22 April 2019
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American flag.jpeg

Ron Veit

NHL Goalie Coach

Owner of Veit Goalie Schools

Trained top prospects currently playing in the NHL, AHL, NCAA, WHL, OHL and the BC


Varian Kirst

Goalie Coach

von Vienna Capitals​

CGGC Head Goalie Coach

Damian Rhodes

Ex NHL Goalie played for

Toronto Maple Leafs
Ottawa Senators
Atlanta Thrashers

Goalie Coach & owner of All Pro Goalie Schools in Cleveland

Damian Rhodes.jpg

Knowledgeable, Experienced, Passionate, 

Inspiring Coaches from around the world

Beautiful & inspiring location


Unforgettible moments on the ice


Learning modern goaltending technics

Valuable Presentations about mental aspects of goaltenders game

,,...if you want to catch the puck, you have to be geometrist, gymnast & magician'' 

Banff Hockey Academy President 

Billy Doherty

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