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Canadian Global Goaltending Camps


General Terms and Conditions

Unless and insofar as there are no mandatory legal provisions to the contrary, these terms and conditions apply to all agreements regarding events by Canadian Global Goaltending Camps (CGGC represented by Varian Kirst) and their customers (hereinafter also referred to as "customers" or "contract partners") and all other business partners of CGGC (also external companies or vicarious agents), on the other hand, is used in the context of events, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

The participants / legal guardians/customers hereby agree that Organization Canadian Global Goaltending Camps (CGGC) as well as the associated trainers, employees and organizers assume no liability for personal injury and property damage of any kind and cause.

Sports activities in the camp are at your own risk. We are in no way liable for damage or injuries caused by accidents in the CGGC training camp, even if they happen in the group in the presence of our employees. Each participant must have health and liability insurance for camps in Germany and abroad, children and young people through their legal guardians. We recommend that you take out appropriate accident insurance.

With his signature, the participant / legal guardian confirms that the participant is in very good health and is not subject to any physical restrictions or impairments that prevent him from participating in all program activities. A medical health check is recommended.

If a participant becomes ill or injured during the event, the participant or his or her legal guardians authorize the provider to take all necessary steps and actions for safe, appropriate treatment and / or his home transportation. Should the provider incur costs due to the emergency medical care of a participant, the participant or their legal guardians declare their willingness to reimburse them immediately.

Participation in the training is only permitted with appropriate ice hockey equipment. We advise you to check the hockey equipment for completeness and fit before starting the training. Our trainers can help you with questions or uncertainty.


Entering the ice rink is only permitted with the appropriate equipment during training. It is mandatory to wear a helmet during the entire training!


In addition, the participant / legal guardian / customer hereby revocably agrees that photo and film recordings will be made during the camp, on which the participant may also be shown individually during camp activities. These can be published as part of the reporting and, if necessary, for use on the Canadian Global Goaltending Camps (CGGC) homepage as well as the Banff Hockey Academy (BHA) websites, Facebook and Instagram, and without restriction of the spatial, content or temporal area of ​​use and in particular repeated also for the purposes of own advertising.


Spectators / parents / friends / family members are only allowed to stay in the protected areas, as there is a risk of injury from flying pucks. We cannot accept any liability for this.


If the participant / legal guardian / customer observes unusual actions or significant dangers while participating in the camp, he will immediately inform the coaches.

Cancellation conditions:

If the participant / customer already has a permanent place in our camp, but has still canceled in the last weeks before the camp, we unfortunately have to charge you part of the camp costs as a cancellation fee.


Processing fee is 50 euros.

Cancellation 3 weeks or more before the camp: 20% (with a health certificate 10%).

Cancellation 2 weeks before the camp: 50% (with a 40% health certificate).

Cancellation 1 week before the camp: no reimbursement of fees.


** Of course, a friend of yours can also take part in the camp in your place - then there are no cancellation fees.


** If there is a waiting list and someone can take your place, we will give you back your paid money for the camp.


I agree to the usual terms and conditions for participating in the CGGC training.

With my signature, I confirm that I have read, understood and accepted all of the above conditions of participation and the disclaimer from CGGC.

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