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We train using the modern Canadian system, which places great emphasis on technique rather than on speed and then builds upon that to help you get faster while being technically sound. It is important for a goalie who wants to dominate to be both technically sound and fast, not just fast.


CGGC training's system is very simple and can be easily instilled in beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional goalies. We believe in the foundation of a good skating technique, good positional play, rebound control, and a keen understanding of different game situations. CGGC also trains the development of all the aspects of a goaltender's game, including the mental aspect. We give our students the tools to be successful and the skills to improve themselves to play at the highest level. For over 20 years, under the leadership of Ron Veit and Varian Kirst, our system has been consistently bringing goalies to the next level and has earned the reputation as one of the best goalie schools in Western Canada. Now you have the opportunity to experience the best all-around goalie training in Europe.

We place a particular focus on mental training for goalies. This is almost more important than technical training. We want to teach these young talents mental superiority because the game is decided mostly in the goalie's head. A goalie who is not mentally strong, despite great technical skills, will not be a top goalie.

We offer a top coaching staff with many specialists and professionals in all areas of the camp. We ourselves also train coaches. If we see that someone shows the passion to train the next generation, we will gradually give the individual more responsibility and duties. We will train them in the system and help them to develop as a coach.  An example is the current German Women's National team player and former National team goalie Julia Zorn. Julia is the only player, male or female, to participate in the IIHF World Championships as both a player and as a starting goalie. Hockey has long been a men's dominated game and we here at CGGC support the growing interest in female hockey.

About CGGC

Canadian Global Goaltending Camps

,,Prepare and live every day to be the best you can be. ''

CGGC Director & Head Coach

For the last 5 years, Varian has worked as A professional coach in the top leagues in Germany (DEL) and Austria EBEL. He worked for the Hamburg Freezers (Goaltending coach) and Bremerhaven Pinguins (Assistant coach) in the DEL. For the last 3 years Varian has been working in the top Austrian league (EBEL) and Champions League (CHL) for the Vienna Capitals (Team Manager/Goalie coach/Video coach). Now he works for the Ingolstadt Panther (DEL) as a goalie and video coach.Varian is the founder of CGGC and has done camps all over Europe for the last 14 years and has worked with hockey players and goalies from all over the world from all the ranks (beginner to professional). In addition, he played 12 years as a professional in Germany: Eisbären Berlin DEL, Augsburger Panther DEL, 6 years 2. Bundesliga and Oberliga. In 2009 he celebrated a Bayernliga championship with the Schweinfurt Mighty Dogs, in 2011 he won the North Germany Cup with Adendorfer EC, and in 2015 another Bayernliga championship with the Lindau Islanders. 

Varian also brings experience from working for over 20 years with his Mentor/business partner and world-renowned NHL goalie coach Ron Veit (Owner of the Coquitlam Express BCHL and Veit Goaltending, Former Goalie coach of the Slovak Olympic team and Vancouver Canucks NHL, personal goalie coach for Olag Kolzig, Bill Ranford, Damian Rhodes, and Carey Price just to name a few) .



Jordi Buchholz

CGGC Co Director & Coach

Jordi played in the DEL2 for the Ravensburg Towerstars and in the Oberliga for Timmendorfer Strand in his playing career. Also he used to train with players at all levels from NHL to DEL and more. He worked with CGGC for over 10 years now as he dose with Veit Goalie Schools in Vancouver, Canada. Jordi brings a lot of experience as player and as coach for all levels. Currently he works as a Coach for the Kölner Junghaie KEC an Bergisch Gladbach Reelstars. 



Basti brings a long playing resume to CGGC. He started playing on Germany's U-18/U-20 National teams and then went on to play in the DEL (Kölner Haie and Frankfurt Lions) 2.Bundesliga and Oberliga for a span of 15 years. Since his retirement from playing in 2011 Basti finished his schooling in sport management and is currently goalie coach for Regensburg DNL.



Markus has only been with CGGC a short time. But he is very quickly becoming a favourite among our students. Although Markus is only 24 he has 6 seasons professional experience under his belt. His career started with the German National program (U18-20)  He started his professional playing career in Augsburg in the DEL, his stops in the Oberliga resulted in 2 Goalie of the year awards. He has now returned this season to Augsburg in the DEL.



Jenny is well known in German hockey having played on the Women's National team since 2005 and representing Germany at the Olympics in 2006 in Turin. Jenny has had success also in the USA where she lead the Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs to a NCAA Championship in 2010. Jenny will be also guarding the net for Germany at this years Olympics in Socchi. She is a role model for young goalies and especially young girls who are starting to develop as goaltenders.




Nic has been with CGGC since the beginning. He started out as a student then worked his way to becoming a top coach with CGGC. He played in Germany's top Junior league before moving on to the Professional ranks in the Oberliga. He takes pride in being able to communicate with the students in a friendly way while also making sure that the topic or drill at hand is properly understood. During the past two CGGC Exclusive camps Nic was the translator for ex NHL goalie Damian Rhodes and NHL goalie coach Ron Veit, teaching as an on ice coach and translating the classroom seminars with the two of them.



Julia brings a unique experience to CGGC. She began playing hockey as a goalie and worked her way to the Germany's National team. Since Germany has strong goaltending at the National level it was a battle for playing time. Julia is also very talented as a player so when the team was struggling offensively she decided to make the switch to forward  where she is now the top scorer for the Women's National team. Julia is also the only player in IIHF history to play in a World Championship as both a goalie and player… a truly remarkable accomplishment.



Martti played 12 years of professional hockey in Germany. He brings a lot of experience that he can pass on to young goaltenders. In addition, he has several years of experience as a goalie coach which he gained throughout Europe in many hockey schools. He is a trainer with many tricks that will make goalkeeping fun. He was goalie coach for the Blues Espoo (2007-2010) and voted best coach of the year in his hockey club. After his playing career Martti moved to Finland where he now lives with his wife and daughter.



Martin is a coach who has been with CGGC since the first camp. He played a combined 10 years for the EC Peiting and EV Füssen in the Oberliga. Martin brings a sense of calmness to his students and is always there to make you smile and relieve the stress of goaltending. He teaches with experience and passion and expects his students to give their best on every shot.



Chris has been with CGGC since the beginning. When he started with the program as a 14 year old he showed signs that there was a coach in him. He worked along side CGGC Head Coach Varian Kirst developing his game as a goalie and as a coach. The success began with a DNL runner-up in 2008 and then topped with a DNL championship in 2009 with the Jungadler Mannheim. The success continued at Germany's top Junior league where he helped his team to a 2nd place finish in 2010 and a championship in 2011. Then it was time to make the jump at the young age of 19 to the professional ranks of 2. Bundesliga in Dresden where Chris has played the last 2 seasons.


Jan Philip finished his goalie career (Adendorf EC, REV Bremerhaven, Harzer Woelfe,)  to join the   Deutsche Inline Skater Hockey National Team for 2 years where he would win a  European championship in 2005. He has since coached for his home town Skater team in Lüneburg.



Former NHL Goalie 

Damian Rhodes played in the NHL for 10 years; he was drafted in the 6th round 112 overall by the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1987. He was in the Leafs organization for 6 years, 3 of those years in Toronto, then was traded to Ottawa in 1996. There Damian played for 3 years and then he moved over to the expansion Atlanta Thrashers in 1999 and was the first player ever selected for the Atlanta Thrashers. Damian has also had a few stints with Team USA; he participated in the World Junior tournament in 1988 in Moscow, he has also represented Team USA in the World Championships in 1991 and 2000.


Damian has a career record in the NHL of 99 wins, 140 losses, and 48 ties with 12 shutouts and a career GAA of 2.84. Other notables about Damian: he played against Wayne Gretzky in his last ever road game he ever played. Damian is the first goalie in NHL history to have a goal and a shutout in the same game. Damian also scored a goal in college as well when he played for Michigan Tech against Colorado College.


NHL Goalie Coach

Ron Veit has been training and placing elite goaltenders into the NHL, NCAA, College, and Junior leagues since the establishment of Veit Goalie Schools in 1998.

Ron developed his innovative Veit system during his years of experience training goalies in the NHL and European Professional Leagues. The Veit system stems from the fundamentals of the goaltending position, and applies them in a way that works with each individual's unique skill and learning style.

It is  the success of the Veit system that has allowed Ron to continually produce top prospects, now playing in the NHL, AHL, NCAA, WHL, OHL, and the BCHL. Additionally, Ron has worked as a goaltending consultant for the 2006 Canadian Junior A Champions, and the Slovak Olympic Team.

Ron has 14+ years experience coaching in the BCHL, four years with the UBC Thunderbirds, and four years with the WHL Tri-City Americans. Ron's extensive experience and expertise in the industry is what allows him to train goalies at any level to play at their highest potential.

”Our goal at CGGC is to keep our students up to date with the newest techniques being played in today's game, while being in a highly motivated atmosphere.'' CGGC TEAM

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